21 May 2018

#1595 Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic (KyrgyzКыргыз РеспубликасыKyrgyz RespublikasyRussianКыргызская Республикаtr. Kyrgyzskaya Respublika), or simply Kyrgyzstan, and also known as Kirghizia (KyrgyzКыргызстанtranslit. KyrgyzstanRussianКиргизияtr. Kirgiziya), is a sovereign state in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country with mountainous terrain. It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. Its capital and largest city is Bishkek.

About some facts written on the postcard:

Chyngyz Aitmatov (KyrgyzЧыңгыз АйтматовÇıñğız Aytmatov, چىڭعىز ايتماتوۋRussianЧинги́з Тореку́лович Айтма́товChingiz Torekulovich Aytmatov) (12 December 1928 – 10 June 2008) was a Soviet and Kyrgyz author who wrote in both Russian and Kyrgyz. He is one of the best known figure in Kyrgyzstan's literature.

Kasym Tynystanov (Kyrgyz: Касым Тыныстанов) (1901–1938) was a prominent Kyrgyz scientist, politician and poet. He served as the first Minister of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Kanatbek Begaliev (born 14 February 1984 in TalasKyrgyz SSR) is a Kyrgyz wrestler who won the silver medal in the Men's Greco-Roman 66 kg at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. After Athens 2004 where he was at 11th place he received invitation to Kazakh national team, which he accepted and also became Kazakhstan citizen. And he trained in Kazakhstan within Kazakh National team until it turned out that to Olympic qualification he was not eligible to represent Kazakhstan yet, and Kanat returned to Kyrgyzstan and qualified to Beijing 2008, where he won Silver medal. Consequently, he said: “Sure, I am always thankful to Kazakhstan, all Kazakh coaches and athletes who believed in me and shared with me their knowledge and skills. I trained there and played with them football. Thus part of this medal belongs to Kazakhstan”.

Bübüsara Beyşenalieva (RussianБюбюсара БейшеналиеваKyrgyzБүбүсара Бейшеналиева; 1926 – 1973), known simply as Bübüsara in her native Kyrgyzstan, was the first great Kyrgyz ballerina. She was born in village of Vorontsovka (now Tash Debe), Kyrgyzstan ASSR on 15 September 1926. She studied at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Leningrad under the legendary Russian ballerina Agrippina Vaganova and made her debut at the famed Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

Issyk-Kul (also Ysyk KölIssyk-KolKyrgyzЫсык-Көл, Isıq-Köl, ىسىق-كۅلRussianИссык-КульIssyk-Kulj) is an endorheic lake in the northern Tian Shan mountains in eastern Kyrgyzstan. It is the tenth largest lake in the world by volume (though not in surface area), and the second largest saline lake after the Caspian Sea. Issyk-Kul means "warm lake" in the Kyrgyz language; although it is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, it never freezes.

Buzkashi (بزکشی, literally "goat pulling" in Persian) is a Central Asian sport in which horse-mounted players attempt to place a goat or calf carcass in a goal. Similar games are known as kokpar, kupkari and ulak tartysh, in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and as kökbörü and gökbörü in Turkey, where it is played mainly by communities originally from Central Asia.

The markhor (Capra falconeriPashtoمرغومی‎ marǧūmiPersian/Urduمارخور‬), also known as the screw horn goat, is a large species of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan, northern and central PakistanNorthern India, southern Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan and in the Himalayas.

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