04 December 2019

#1796 Syria

As a result of the ongoing Syrian Civil War, there are currently two flags used to represent Syria, used by different factions in the war. The incumbent government of the Syrian Arab Republic led by the Ba'ath Party uses the red-white-black tricolour originally used by the United Arab Republic, while Syrian opposition factions such as the Syrian National Coalition use the green-white-black tricolour known as the Independence flag, first used by Mandatory Syria.

The current flag was first adopted in 1958 to represent Syria as part of the United Arab Republic, and was used until 1961. It was readopted in 1980. Since its first adoption, variations of the red-white-black flag have been used in various Arab Unions of Syria with EgyptLibyaSudanYemen, and Iraq. Although Syria is not part of any Arab state union, the flag of the United Arab Republic was readopted to show Syria's commitment to Arab unity. The usage of the flag has become disputed because it is often associated with the Ba'ath Party and has come to represent parties loyal to Bashar al-Assad's government in the Syrian civil war.

The flag is based on the Arab Liberation Flag, which had four colours - black, green, white and red - representing four major dynasties of Arab history: Abbasids, Faṭimids, Umayyads, and Hashimites.

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#1795 Japan

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19 November 2019

#1794 Luxembourg

Luxembourg (LuxembourgishLëtzebuerg, French: Luxembourg, German: Luxemburg), also known as Luxembourg City (LuxembourgishStad Lëtzebuerg or d'StadFrenchVille de LuxembourgGermanStadt Luxemburg, Luxemburg-Stadt), is the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the country's most populous commune. Standing at the confluence of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers in southern Luxembourg, the city lies at the heart of Western Europe, situated 213 km (132 mi) by road from Brussels, 372 km (231 mi) from Paris, and 209 km (130 mi) from Cologne. The city contains Luxembourg Castle, established by the Franks in the Early Middle Ages, around which a settlement developed.

Date of Inscription on the List of UNESCO WHS: 1994

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13 November 2019

#1793 Ethiopia

The Rock-hewn Churches of Lalibela are located in the Western Ethiopian Highlands near the town of Lalibela, named after the late-12th and early-13th century King Lalibela of the Zagwe Dynasty, who commissioned the massive building project of 11 rock-hewn churches to recreate the holy city of Jerusalem in his own kingdom. The site remains in use by the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church to this day, and it remains an important place of pilgrimage for Ethiopian Orthodox worshipers.

The altitude is around 2,480m. The archaeological site consists of 3 sections: the northwestern group, the southwestern group, and Bet Giorgis.

The northwestern group consists of Bet Medhane Alem, Bet Mariam, Bet Mikael, Bet Golgotha, Bet Meskel, and Bet Danagel, which are connected to each other by systems of tunnels and trenches.

Like the Northeastern group, the collection of churches to the southeast, consisting of Bet Emanuel, Bet Mercurios, Bet Abba Libanos, Bet Lehem, and Bet Gabriel-Rufael, are also connected by a system of tunnels.

Date of Inscription on the List of UNESCO WHS: 1978

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12 November 2019

#1792 India

Odisha State Museum is a museum in BhubaneswarOdisha. In its original form it was established in 1932 and later moved to the current building in 1960. The museum is divided into eleven sections, viz, ArchaeologyEpigraphyNumismaticsArmouryMining & GeologyNatural History, Art & Craft, Contemporary Art, Patta PaintingAnthropology and Palmleaf Manuscripts. The museum is headed by a superintendent and the administrative control lies in the hands of Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Odisha.

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#1791 Singapore

Chester Charles Bennington (March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He was best known as the lead vocalist for Linkin Park and was also lead vocalist for the bands Dead by SunriseStone Temple Pilots, and Grey Daze. He also appeared in films such as CrankCrank: High Voltage, and Saw 3D.

Bennington first gained prominence as a vocalist following the release of Linkin Park's debut album Hybrid Theory (2000), which was a worldwide commercial success. The album was certified diamond by the RIAA in 2005, making it the best-selling debut album of the decade, as well as one of the few albums ever to achieve that many sales. Linkin Park's following studio albums, from Meteora (2003) to One More Light (2017), continued the band's success.

On July 20, 2017, Bennington was found dead at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California. His death was ruled a suicide by hangingHit Parader magazine placed Bennington number 46 on their list of the "100 Metal Vocalists of All Time". Writing for Billboard, Dan Weiss stated that Bennington "turned nu-metal universal". Linkin Park has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the world's best-selling musical acts.

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#1790 Liechtenstein

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