09 December 2010

#12 Des Moines, Iowa, USA | US-917619

Barrel cacti are classified into the two genera Echinocactus and Ferocactus, both of which are found in the Southwest Desert of North America.

The Barrel Cactus buds start to bloom in April with a bright yellow flower. The flowers only appear on the very top of the plant. As the flowers begin to wilt in early May, they turn orange in color. The flower yields a yellow small pineapple-shaped fruit, which doesn't usually reach maturity until Summer.

Barrel cacti can store up to and sometimes more than 500 kilograms of water; and can live up to 100 years or more.


Date of Issue: August 20, 2004 - American Design: Navajo Jewelry

Date of Issue: May 31, 2002 - American Design: American Toleware

I really love cacti, so thank you very much, Renee (motherbrando) !

Received on: December 7, 2010
Travel time: 13 days 
Distance:  7546 km (4689 miles)

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