19 July 2012

#106 Chengdu, China | CN-648342

The Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality. The subway is owned by the city of Beijing and has two operators, the wholly state owned Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., which operates 13 lines, and the Beijing MTR Corp., a public-private joint-venture with the Hong Kong MTR, which manages 2 lines.

The subway's first line opened in 1969, and the network now has 15 lines, 192 stations and 372 km (231 mi) of track in operation. It is the oldest subway in mainland China. Among the world's metro systems, the Beijing Subway ranks fourth in track length after the metros of ShanghaiLondon and Seoul, and fourth in annual ridership after those of TokyoSeoul, and Moscow.

Thank you, Carrey !

Received on: July 18, 2012
Travel time: 23 days
Distance: 11 587 km (7,200 miles)


Katrina said...

Väga vajalik, kui tahad metrooga sõita :D Äkki sobib ka su LA metroo jaoks? :P

Janne Pungar said...

Ha ha. Ma kardan, et selleks tuleb eraldi map muretseda. Oh, hea mõte.. :D

Janne Pungar said...
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