25 August 2012

#130 Rybnik, Poland

Rybnik is a city in southern Poland, in the Silesian Voivodeship. The city developed as a fishing centre (the word rybnik meansfishpond in several Slavic languages, including Czech and Silesian) in medieval ages, then was a capital of so-called Rybnik State. Rybnik grew as an important centre of coal mining and the seat of Rybnik county since 19th century. During People's Republic of Poland the city was projected to grow as a main mining centre of southern Poland.

The city of Rybnik has a population of about 141,410 (December 2010) and remains the only powiat grodzki (urban county) in Upper Silesia which population increases. The Rybnik area with its large coal mines and power plants is an important economic region of Poland, and visible center of music, with a famous Szafrankowie Brothers State School of Music and Philharmonic Orchestra.

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