02 October 2012

#137 Barcelona, Spain | ES-180543

Calella (Catalan pronunciation: [kəˈɫeʎə]) is a seaside town on the Costa del Maresme, 58 km north east of Barcelona, in CataloniaSpain. It is located on the coast between Sant Pol de Mar and Pineda de Mar. Prior to the arrival of tourism in the 1960s, economic activity town was primarily focused on textile manufacture and fishing.

The town is overlooked from the south west by a lighthouse, which was built in 1859, and two towers known as "Les Torretes", which are the remains of a Semaphore line constructed in the mid-19th century.

Thank you, Jordi (Planeta) !

Received on: October 2, 2012
Travel time: 11 days
Distance: 2534 km (1,575 miles)

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