05 March 2013

#197 Estonia

The Otepää Maarja Lutheran Church is the oldest building in Otepää, where on 4th June 1884 the blue-black-white flag of the Estonian Students’ Society was consecrated in the hall of the Otepää Kirikumõisa, which later on became the flag of our nation and in 1992 the official national flag of Estonia. The bas-reliefs of the flag, the author of which is sculptor Voldemar Mellik, were opened on the church wall in 1934 (on the 50th anniversary of the national flag). The bas-reliefs were destroyed in 1950 and restored by sculptor Mati Variku and opened again on 15th July 1989. In the park of the Otepää Kirikumõisa there is a monument to Jakob Hurt, a collector of folklore and the first Minister of the Estonian origin in the Otepää Church. Also the Otepää Ski Museum, Flag Museum and the Room of Jakob Hurt are located in the pastorate. 

Date of Issue: August 20, 2011 - 20th Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence 

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Received on: March 5, 2013

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