24 July 2015

#933 The Netherlands

Maastricht (Dutch: [maːˈstrɪxt]Limburgish (incl. Maastrichtian)Mestreech [məˈstʁeːç]FrenchMaestricht (archaic)SpanishMastrique (archaic)) is a town and a municipality in the southeast of the Netherlands. It is the capital city in the province of Limburg.

The St. John's Church is a Gothic church in the historic center of Maastricht . The Protestant St. John is rubbing the Roman Catholic Saint Servatius at the Vrijthof and forms with the church a unique for the Netherlands' church twins".

The Basilica of Saint Servatius (Limburg : Sintervaosbasiliek , or simply Sintervaos ) is a church building in the historic center of Maastricht , located between three squares: Vrijthof , the Keizer Karel Square and Henric of Veldekeplein . The church is believed to be built over the tomb of Saint Servatius and is considered the oldest existing church in the Netherlands. The basilica is one of the top 100 of the Dutch UNESCO monuments . The large three-aisled basilica is largely Romanesque style constructed using coal sandstone and marl . The church serves as parish church of the Roman Catholic St. Servatius parish and deanery church of Maastricht. Since 1985 the church has the title basilica minor (basilica). The church, the cloisters and the treasury are open daily to the public and to visit fee.

Date of Issue: April 28, 2015 | Europa 2015 'Old Toys'

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