12 April 2016

#1055 Taiwan

Eternal Spring Shrine, also called Changchun Shrine (traditional Chinese長春祠simplified Chinese长春祠pinyinChángchūn cíPe̍h-ōe-jīTiông-chhun-sû; literally: "Ancestral shrine of Eternal, or Long, Spring"), is a landmark and a memorial shrine complex in Taroko National Park in Taiwan, in Hualian County near town of Xiulin. It is one of the major picturesque points of the park, with the view of the mountains and the waterfall, and one of the main memorials for veterans.

It was planned for construction in 1958 while the Central Cross-Island Highway was built nearby. It commemorates the memory of 212 veterans who died while constructing the highway (1956—1960).

The name of the temple comes from the Changchun Falls that never stop running. The Shrine is located right above the waterfall streams.

It has been rebuilt at least twice, after being destroyed by landslides. The most recent shrine was built in 1989.

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Received on: April 12, 2016

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