29 July 2016

#1125 The Netherlands | NL-3516173

The flag of the Netherlands (DutchVlag van NederlandGermanFlagge der Niederlande) is a horizontal tricolour of redwhite, and blue. Variants of the flag have been in use since 1572, and in 1937 the flag was officially formalized as the national flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is the oldest tricolor flag still in national use. It is distinguished from the French flag which has the same colours arranged vertically and the flag of Luxembourg which has a lighter shade of blue.

Thank you, Jacqueline (jacquelineke)!

Received on: July 29, 2016
Travel time: 3 days
Distance: 1508 km


Graham Clayton said...

Does anyone get the Dutch and Luxembourg national flags mixed up?

Janne Pungar said...

These are quite similar indeed..