05 October 2016

#1166 Lapithos, Northern Cyprus

Cyprus (GreekΚύπροςTurkishKıbrıs), officially the Republic of Cyprus (Greek: Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία; Turkish: Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti), is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. It is located south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel and Palestine, north of Egypt, and southeast of Greece.

About some facts written on the postcard:

Makarios III (GreekΜακάριος Γ΄), born Michail Christodoulou Mouskos (GreekΜιχαήλ Χριστοδούλου Μούσκος; August 13, 1913 – August 3, 1977), was the archbishop and primate of the autocephalous Church of Cyprus, a Greek Orthodox Church (1950–1977), and the first President of the Republic of Cyprus (1960–1974 and 1974–1977). In his three terms as President of Cyprus (1959–1977), he survived four assassination attempts and a 1974 coup.

Anna Vissi (GreekΆννα Βίσση; born 20 December 1957), also known as Anna Vishy, is a Greek recording artist and actress. Born in Cyprus, she studied music at conservatories and performed locally before moving to the professional scene in Athens, Greece in 1973, where she signed with Minos and simultaneously collaborated with other musical artists and released promotional singles of her own while studying at the University of Athens.

Pavlos Kontides (GreekΠαύλος Κοντίδης, born 11 February 1990) is a Cypriot sailor. He became the first Cypriot athlete ever to win an Olympic medal for his country, by winning the silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men's Laser class behind Tom Slingsby.

Olympus, or Chionistra, at 1,952 metres (6,404 ft), is the highest point in Cyprus. It is located in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. Mount Olympus peak and the "Troodos Square" fall under the territory of Platres in Limassol District. A British long range radar currently operates at Mount Olympus' peak. The Mount Olympus Ski resort consists of the Sun Valley and North Face areas. Each area has its own chairlifts and runs.

Date of Issue: May 12, 2016 | Europa CEPT 2016 'Think Green'
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