06 October 2017

#1407 Turkey

Diyarbakır Fortress, is a historical fortress in SurDiyarbakırTurkey. It consists of an inner fortress and an outer fortress.

The main gates of the fortress are: Dağ (Mountain) Gate, Urfa Gate, Mardin Gate and Yeni (New) Gate. The walls come from the old Roman city of Amida and were constructed in their present form in the mid-fourth century AD by the emperor Constantius II. They are the widest and longest complete defensive walls in the world after only the Great Wall of China (the Theodosian Walls for example are longer in length, but are not continuous).

UNESCO added the building to their tentative list on 2000, and listed it as a World Heritage Site in 2015 along with Hevsel Gardens.

Hevsel Gardens, are the seven hundred hectares fertile lands near Tigris shore, between the Diyarbakır Fortress and the river. The gardens were added to the UNESCO tentative list in 2013. It became a World Heritage Site in 2015, along with Diyarbakır Fortress.

Date of Inscription on the List of UNESCO WHS: 2015

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