19 November 2019

#1794 Luxembourg

Luxembourg (LuxembourgishLëtzebuerg, French: Luxembourg, German: Luxemburg), also known as Luxembourg City (LuxembourgishStad Lëtzebuerg or d'StadFrenchVille de LuxembourgGermanStadt Luxemburg, Luxemburg-Stadt), is the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the country's most populous commune. Standing at the confluence of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers in southern Luxembourg, the city lies at the heart of Western Europe, situated 213 km (132 mi) by road from Brussels, 372 km (231 mi) from Paris, and 209 km (130 mi) from Cologne. The city contains Luxembourg Castle, established by the Franks in the Early Middle Ages, around which a settlement developed.

Date of Inscription on the List of UNESCO WHS: 1994

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