06 May 2013

#243 Rapla, Estonia

1. This Rapla church is the only rural church with two towers in Estonia. The New Roman style building that was consecrated in 1901 was designed by Baltic German architect Rudolf von Engelhardt, and is one of the purest examples of this style in Estonia. Interesting facts: The pulpit and altar were produced in the workshops of Christian Ackermann and Quirinnius Rabe. The Rapla Church Music Festival got its start in the Rapla church. In the church you can listen to the organ produced by Estonia’s renowned organ master craftsmen, the brothers Kriisa. The limestone building can accommodate 3,000 people. In the churchyard you can see round crosses dating back to the 17th century and the monument to the War of Independence designed by Jaan Koort.

2. Bog pool in Linnuraba Nature Protection Area - Created on March 2, 1959.

3. Windmill in Põlma - Järvakandi Windmill. Built on the beginning of 19th century.

Date of Issue: March 7, 2013 - Bird of the Year - Partridge
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