23 October 2015

#998 China

The Shaolin Monastery or Shaolin Temple (Chinese少林寺pinyinShàolín Sì) is a Chan Buddhist temple in Dengfeng countyZhengzhouHenan province, China. The name refers to the forests (lín) of Shaoshi (少室Shǎo Shì) mountain, one of the seven peaks of Song mountains (嵩山Sōng Shān). Dating back 1,500 years, Shaolin Temple is the main temple of the Shaolin school of Buddhism to this day.

The Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple refers to a number of stone or brick pagodas built in Henan province, China from 791 AD during the Tang Dynasty through the Song DynastyYuan DynastyMing Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty.

Date of Inscription on the List of UNESCO WHS: 2010

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